The experienced professionals at RAW Solutions have access to numerous test methods to determine the condition of your roofing system, the material make-up of your roofing system, even the number of roofing systems that are currently on your facility.

A few examples of the test methods used include infrared roof scans (to identify wet areas of insulation) and examination and testing of roof system core samples (to determine system materials and number of roof systems installed).

RAW Solutions also has extensive experience working on facilities with very sensitive, highly advanced equipment inside. We can provide thorough interior protection and air filtration for those areas with sensitive equipment. This not only protects the interior environment, but also your equipment investment.

Our goal is to accurately determine all conditions present on your existing roof and those within your facility. We will then work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that any additional concerns you may have are addressed and your budget adhered to.

Need to know more about your existing roofing system? Please fill out the form below and RAW Solutions will contact you to evaluate your current roof condition and tour the interior of your facility to work up the best plan possible to meet your concerns/needs.