Patch & Repair

If you have been experiencing roof leaks within your facility, RAW Solutions can identify the source of water intrusion and get your facility water-tight quickly and efficiently.

The most common types of roofing leaks occur with membrane splits, tears, or cracks; drain/gutter issues; ponding water; and improper flashing details. However, not all “roof” leaks are caused from roofing system defects. Many times leaks can come from HVAC units, compromised plumbing, even moisture intrusion through masonry walls.

Whatever the source of the leak(s), RAW Solutions will identify the areas that need addressed and provide the team of professionals to provide you with a water-tight facility. We routinely work with commercial plumbers, masons and HVAC professionals and can quickly assemble the necessary team to solve any water-intrusion issue you may be facing.

Experiencing roof leaks and need an immediate assessment? Please complete the form below and RAW Solutions will contact you to schedule a professional inspector to assess the source of your leaks.